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Classic Repeater UK

Boosts mobile signal

Classic Repeater UK

SKUBandsRMSRegionCoverage RoomsCode
R5-CB28/ B20/ B8/ B3/ B1NoUK5SD-RP1002
iR5-CB28/ B20/ B8/ B3/ B1YesUK5SD-iRP1002
*RMS Remote Monitoring System

  • Amplifies all UK operators.
  • Amplifies 5G/4G/3G/2G (voice and data).
  • Cost effective solution.
  • Unlimited numbers of users.
  • Easy straight forward installation.
  • Auto adjusts Gain and Power for optimal signal.
  • Designed, manufactured, tested in Ireland, EU.
  • Direct contact with our engineers for advice over WhatsApp Helpline.
  • For professional, industrial installations.
  • 3 year warranty. Easy return policy.
  • CE approved.
  • Listed on Ofcom website. Compliant to the Ofcom UK regulations.

Comment ça marche

Classic R5 – a professional grade repeater

The Classic R5 is a professional grade mobile signal repeater that amplifies the 4G/5G mobile signal, ensuring clear voice calls and super fast data speeds throughout the home/office.

It provides coverage up to 5 rooms in a house / office and can be expanded to cover ~ 20 rooms, or an area of 40,000sq ft open space.

The Classic R5 amplifies ALL of the UK  operators for unlimited numbers of simultaneous users, which allows everyone in the home to benefit from the improved signal.


How it works


StellaHome house family with outside antenna


  1. The antenna on the roof receives the mobile signal from all UK mobile operators and sends it down the cable to the repeater.
  2. The repeater amplifies the signal and sends it around the building.
  3. All mobile devices can now communicate with this enhanced signal.


Port Sense



The Classic family of repeaters have a new patented feature called « Port Sense ».  The repeater can detect when an antenna is connected to the indoor and outdoor antenna port. The new Smart antennas have a white LED embedded inside them. There is also a white LED on the ports of the repeater. If there is no issue with the connectors or cable, these two white LEDs will turn on. This gives the installer peace of mind that all cables and connectors are OK. If the LEDs do not light up, there is likely an issue with the cables and/or connectors and therefore should be checked.


Advanced AGC control

The AGC (Automatic Gain Control)  dynamic range of the repeater is now 35dB. For the installer, this means there is no need to add manual attenuation anymore, even in strong signal areas. Everything is now controlled automatically.


Remote Monitoring and Management

With the Classic iR5, one can monitor and manage this repeater from the StellaControl cloud monitoring platform. Please contact us to learn more about this.


Advanced Feedback detection

Our new algorithm can accurately detect when a real oscillation event occurs. This can typically happen when the indoor and outdoor antennas are too close to each other. The red LED will turn on permanently to warn the installer to take action. The indoor and outdoor antenna should be separated by a solid wall.


A Closer Look



The TestTool

The TestTool is a signal analyser specifically designed for mobile repeater installations. It helps installers to achieve optimized results for their installations. Read more here.

  • Shows the location, signal strength and power of each of the operator’s masts around the building.
  • Beacon Mode – Analyses how the signal propagates inside the building before the installation.
  • Ensures installation is done correctly and avoids costly errors.
  • Tests all cables.
  • Commissions projects – indoor coverage surveys before and after installation, which can be recorded for the client.





The StellaPlanner is our free online installation design tool which is accessible from within the StellaControl platform. Installers can upload their building floor plans, place antennas, repeaters, splitters and cable in the correct location, and fully design the repeater system online before installing any equipment. This helps the installer to more accurately plan the equipment required and therefore potentially reduce the cost of the project.

The Stella Planner is supported by our Stella engineers, who offer expert design advice and support.


Installer Zone


  • One on one training with Stella Engineer.
  • WhatsApp Helpline.
  • Training courses.
  • Work referrals.
  • Installer Zone 



Case Studies

Morrisons UK


Sony Offices Paris
Sony Headquaters


A message from Ofcom

« We realise it can be difficult to understand the difference between legal repeaters and the range of illegal devices advertised widely online – especially since advertisements for illegal devices often claim they are properly approved. So when choosing a repeater, make sure you purchase it from a reputable retailer.

To help you choose the right repeater, Ofcom has published a list of repeaters that we understand meet the technical requirements of our licence exemption regime. These are not repeaters that we promote or endorse, simply those that have been tested against our requirements by an accredited test house. We will update this list from time to time. » – Ofcom